Specializing in Security Technology Services


Strategic Consulting Services - specializes in strategic security and tactical support

Risk Management Services - identification of risk vulnerabilities through technology and advanced systems


Transportation Security (all aspects) - highly specialized technical knowledge and understanding

Crisis Management - evaluation and identification of vulnerabilities in crisis management situations

Crisis IMG

Training and Education - in-depth technical expertise

Intelligence and Information Services - wide range of intelligence information services


Threat & Vulnerability Assessments - practical and technical expertise

Technology Advisory Services - specializing in security and intelligent-based technologies


GSA Services

CASPR Group:

  • C.A.S.P.R stands for Continuous Air Purification and Surface Pathogen Reduction.
  • Mitigates COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens.
  • Available for sale from local to federal government levels.

Tek84, Dominating the Security Body Scanner Market:

  • Three different types of body scanning systems.
  • Deployed across the U.S. and Israel.
  • Extremely effective for corrections facilities.

Crisis Management Software:

  • SRI GROUP is the single-source provider of BeST Strategic CrisIs software for N. America used for wargaming & tabletop exercises.
  • Developed and employed for the government, military, and private sector.
  • Clients include airlines, banks, universities, etc.
  • Not simply crisis incident management but a low-cost tool to test strategies and business plans/programs.
  • Developed to be user-friendly.

S and R investments is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business that is on the GSA schedule.


Cryptocurrency Analytics Suite

  • Elementus Analytics Suite
  • GSA schedule
  • Ability to track and identify cryptocurrencies and blockchains
  • Currently in use by US government agencies

Databuoy - ShotPoint

  • Acoustic Shooter Localization
  • Detect Gunfire Signatures
  • Assists Local Emergency Responders to Improve Decision-Making & Reaction Times.
  • Ability to Cue Nearby Cameras to Observe the Shooting Event in Real Time